Shattering Ceilings: Breaking out to Limitless Living



James's keynote presentation: Shattering Your Ceiling - Creating your Possible - engages the audience while inspiring a fresh belief in limitless thinking. Each keynote can be expanded into a half or full day deep-dive workshop experience which includes in class exercises and actionable takeaways. This presentation gives the participant the tools necessary to enter their world with an edge, reduced stress, and an inexplicable increase in productivity. These principle served James well as CEO of JIREH Funding Corp, a commercial mortgage company and a successful real-estate investor.

The presentations offered are custom-tailored to the audience dependent upon the organizer’s goals, desired results and the needs of the team. The presentations will unlock an individual’s potential by understanding what’s hindered accelerating into limitless possibilities. This resultant transformation provides the individual with a positive shift in self-awareness, generates a spirit of cooperation and the drive to increase productivity.


Supernaturally Extraordinary –Owning Your Now Moment




Shattering your Ceiling – Creating your possible

Many of us who experience self limiting mindsets are aware that something is holding me back from being the extraordinary person I believe I am. Unfortunately, most do not understand we are trained to be limited in our thinking from the time we hit pre-school. Color inside the lines, sit on the circle, and so on. Humanity was created to be creative not robotic robots. Shattering your ceiling of pre-set ingrained limitations is the first step to breaking the chains of fear and mediocrity… to experience the extraordinary supernatural you.

Sticks and Stones – Power of Words to Frame Your World

In a single moment of time we can speak words which can have an impact for the next 10 years, positively and negatively. This isn’t a new discovery. For years I spoke without regard for the far-reaching consequences attached to what I said. Whether out of foolish jesting, - or raging anger. Negative destructive words cut two ways… going into the life of the hearer and when they come back to the life of the speaker. This workshop answers these questions:

  • Where does the spoken word gather its power?

  • How can I use the language of the physical realm to my advantage in life.

  • We explain that the language of the mind is thought, while the language of the body is an experience. How both serve to advance or hinder success.

Path to Purpose – 5 Questions to Ask

While seeking answers while on my spiritual journey, looking for my why, my purpose. I learned I was looking in the wrong direction for the solace of clarity. Once I asked these 5 questions, the response was resounding, pure, and true as the razor’s edge. This workshop is powerful and life changing for the spiritually minded business person seeking the next level… dimension.


But have you ever asked where does the spoken word gather its power?

But have you ever asked where does the spoken word gather its power?