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James H. Carpenter Barnes writes both supernatural fiction thrillers and non-fiction books with a focus toward personal development of human potential. His fiction novel Between the Ticks of the Clock received nomination for Outstanding Fiction by the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago for 2018, and a Literary Titan Book Award. He has completed a non-fiction work entitled ‘Shattered Ceilings’. He and his wife Wendy co-host JW/FUZION, a weekly radio program focused on relationships. The show airs on the Artist First Radio Network.


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The Journey

Born in the city of Chicago, he attended DePaul University where, as a pre-med student, he studied biology with a minor in Philosophy & Religion. After being born again in 1982 he completed undergrad studies at LOGOS Bible College in Florida. He received his Doctor of Philosophy & Religious Studies at W.W.I. Bible School and Seminary in Indiana. His mission is to encourage people to let go of their past and take control of the present.

James H. Carpenter Barnes & Wendy L. Cunningham Barnes

James H. Carpenter Barnes & Wendy L. Cunningham Barnes

My Mission

Inspiring growth beyond limited thinking and mediocrity.

We are responsible for creating the future we dream of…

We are responsible for creating the future we dream of…

Crossing Over to the Light

I couldn’t see and my ability to reason was gone and one nagging question prevailed… am I going to die? For three days and nights I couldn't eat or sleep, the intensity of the torment was unrelenting. The behavior patterns of my past (thought, words, feelings & emotions) had exacted a cost. For years controlling my daily decisions, urging me to make fear based decisions and yielding my lusts. This continued until my past was challenged with new behavior. Patterns which led to Spirit inspired thoughts, words, feelings & emotions. Freeing me of my tormentors and gracing me with ability to create the world of my dreams here and now!


MY purpose

To show people how to overcome the words, thoughts and feelings of the past. This frees us from the control of self-limiting habits. Past experiences often hinder growth and advancement. We have it within us to transform and begin to create the life experiences of our dreams . I know I’ve lived it. These are teachings gleaned from my soon to be released book, Shattered Ceilings.

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