As I took note of my ability to express gratitude for the present surroundings, the concern over the current dilemma with my automobile has faded. There's been a meaningful and significant change in my disposition, only time and situations would tell just how much.  
Nodding, as I smiled and waved to a gentleman looking towards me with deep concern etched into his face. He smiled and waved back, the gaze of deep concern melted from his face like snow in the palms of warm hands.
      My senses are on the alert, yet I remain calm and confident; no fear. My breakdown has not gone unnoticed by a small group of guys who placed themselves across the street from the spot where the car stalled. There's a brief exchange of words of between them, as they shoot threatening glances at me every so often. They must have decided on a course of action as they're now strolling over towards me. 
     They take their time, showing they were unsure if I'm armed or just stupid easy pickings. A glance to examine their faces, assessing the collective demeanor-these guys have bad intentions. Three of them are appendix carrying semi-automatic handguns. A quick cursory glance around, it appears they are working alone.
     While refocusing my gaze upon the bad guys approaching me from across the street, when suddenly the absence of movement in the area seizes my attention. All activity has come to an absolute stop. The approaching adversaries are frozen mid-stride in their steps towards me. The singing of the birds has ceased, some stopped in mid-flight without falling to the earth; squirrels in mid-stride scurrying down a tree, frozen in motion. There's no sound from man or creature, just a vacuous ear numbing silence.
     As I'm looking at the birds suspended mid-flight with utter amazement, I also notice something else. There is something large and imposing that has insinuated itself within my peripheral vision, it seems to morph into view, which explains why I didn't see it before. It wasn't yet visible because I hadn't shifted from time into the increments of spans, between the ticks of the clock. Now that this being has come into full manifestation, the atmosphere has also become darker. Dreary greenish gray hued clouds appear with this being, the sun that was shining with ingenious splendor has ceased and is no longer visible. This is the atmosphere accompanying this being's manifestation from his shroud of the shadows. Once again, I stumble into the realm between time and time; I can already sense this isn't going to pleasant visit.
     My focus searches for the creature glimpsed just a moment ago. I see it above me, a large monstrous being of some sort, three buildings down to my left. Perched on the ledge of a three-story apartment buildings along the street, peering at me-his menace apparent. It appears smaller in stature and proportions compared to the celestial beings I'd seen earlier, but by comparison, still much larger than a very tall thick-set man. In some ways he resembles a man, but with blistered, distorted and exaggerated features, his face is disturbing to look upon. He exudes a malicious, violent, and merciless essence without speaking a word. He's hard, opaque, and dark and is wearing a type of armor but has not yet brandished a weapon. Even at this distance, the ferocity of its eyes leering sending a clear message of diabolical hatred, albeit tempered with measured consternation.
     If I could I would tear you into pieces and feed your useless carcass to the trow-beasts of my world. Did I perceive his thoughts-or did this fiendish ogre  speak without opening its mouth? Either way, this beast of a being is no mirage. At this point, the men that would've robbed me or worse didn't seem so bad.