Intentional Focus - Part 1

We have presented four blog posts on the topic of writing goals. However, this post begins explaining how to implement the principle key of Intentional Focus.


Here’s a hard fact, the typical human mind often wanders, with its thought patterns having no targeted direction or purpose. It’s a challenge to lock onto one positive thought for ten consecutive seconds without intentional effort.


Here’s an example to which we all can relate. The human mind easily focuses in on worry, anxiety, and fear-based thinking, no need for coaxing or coaching. This shows how human nature, without focus, leans toward counter-productive thinking. Consider this premise, a person working to direct positive energy and thoughts a few minutes per day can manifest phenomenal results! If you disagree, take a look at what happens when negative energy is coupled with an uninterrupted flow of negative images, the fear of loss, worry, anxiety, bigotry, hatred, jealousy result. Stress, poverty and sickness follow. The resultant symptoms are often worse than what the person was worrying about. I have yet to hear of love, peace and joy producing ulcers.


Instruction: Combine your emotional energy or passion, and your mental images, bring them together in your mind, select one thought. Zero in on the one particular picture. your one thing can be an action, an outcome, a material thing, and emotional state of being… whatever you select be sure it’s motivated by love, and, is attached to a positive benefit for you and or those around you.


Now, hold your thought for 17 seconds, do not contradict or stray from that thought. Keep going for it until you reach the targeted 17 seconds. When you have succeeded, repeat this exercise before bed. Then make it a daily regimen. This type of intentional focus generates powerful magnetically charged creative energy around you. Good things are then drawn to ward you.


This practice has been taught by several teachers of the Law of Attraction, so it’s nothing new. But always remember, the Word of God pre-existed before the chronology of time.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God (John 1:1).

God’s word therefore pre-dates any philosophy, writings or deity which attempts to claim existence before Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ). Every other teaching has a date attached to it; none I have seen dares to claim existence before the beginning.


More next time on power of Focus and the instructions from God’s Word..

Until then... Be All You Can Imagine

James Barnes