Escaping Mediocrity - PART 5

Scientist have evidence that our thoughts have the ability affect the ever-changing energy fields called matter. This theory is called mind over matter.

How is it we see solid representations of people, places and things instead of flashing clusters of energy? Using a movie reel as a model, we have a series of separate images moving at 24 frames per second. Due to the speed at which one frame replaces the next, our minds see a continuous moving picture displayed. Here is another example. Take the LED monitor, this screen displays millions of electrons which are in constant motion. The particles are hitting the LED screen in a specific pattern at a phenomenal rate of speed. This creates the illusion of video images in motion.

Humans beings have five primary senses - sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Each of these senses receives information at a different location in the body. Even with these sensory receptor sites, we perceive a small portion of the massive sea of energy surrounding us, our minds then form images from these perceptions. Although, some people have exceptional abilities and are able to perceive on a higher level.

Our thoughts often link to this energy when we exercise emotional responses such as strong faith, or strong fear. Both extremes can determine what form the energy takes, and how it impacts one’s reality. This explains the astounding physical manifestations which result from positive mental energy such as prayer, faith, visualization, the setting and reinforcing positive goals. Conversely mental and physical sickness/disease, poverty (recurrent and generational) can result from prolonged focus on negative thoughts and words. Together, each of these factors can play key roles in how objects appear and impact the human mind. For example, one person sees the glass half full (optimist)… another sees it half empty (pessimist). One person has an invention which fails, (he sees opportunity), another fails (all he sees is the failure and stops there). The potential exists to become what our conscious and sub-conscious minds embrace and focus toward with passion. Our life then becomes what we’ve imagined, desired, and meditated upon to the point of intense belief.


The lesson here is this: Our thoughts and words have the ability to shift our reality on a particle by particle basis. Our physical planet came into orderly existence through this very simple premise. Everything we see started as an idea… a thought. The idea grew into a vision as it was expressed in writing and through words.

More next time as we move onto writing goals - until then...

Be All You Can Imagine

James Barnes