Escaping Mediocrity - PART 4

Imagine developing an idea, but it’s not happening because you haven't the spark to ignite the flame for it to take off. So, your dream remains dream, beyond your physical reality. You see it when you close your eyes, still it's beyond the range of your reach. Perhaps it’s a potential business venture, invention, an organization to serve humanity around the world. You are frustrated because you have been unable to move it beyond the dream phase. You are at juncture where one of two things can happen.


(Scenario 1) You’ve generated excitement first within yourself and others. Out of nowhere a blockage appears, one significant enough to turn your idea into wisps of chard paper. What remains are the broken pieces of the dream you hoped to give life, fragmented undocumented plans asking the question, what were you thinking?


(Scenario 2) This dream is transformed, how, by putting what you see into a written detailed plan. Now, this dream has been given substance in the material world, it’s become a solid vision resting sound principles. As you develop the plan in faith with written detailed description and verbal declaration it becomes a vision.


The building blocks of our universe were discovered by scientist decades ago, recorded in scripture thousands of years before that. By reviewing the scientific evidence of the research uncovered by the world of science, chasm between God and science narrows significantly. Both explain from spiritual and scientific perspectives the framing and structure of God’s creation.


Several Nobel Prize winning physicists by the 1920s, had through extensive experimentation, discovered the physical universe to be a cosmos of energy that flashes into and out of being in fractions of a second, over and over again. In other words, nothing is solid. This scientific reality is called the world of Quantum Physics. These scientists also discovered that thoughts and expectations (which also generate electro-magnetic energy) are what assemble and hold together these ever-changing energy fields into the objects we see.


The lesson here is this: The method used to bring an invisible idea into the physical realm begins by writing a plan. Remember, if it’s not in writing - it doesn’t exist.

More next time on the escape from mediocrity, as we visit the cross road of faith and science - until then...

Until then... Be All You Can Imagine

James Barnes