Escaping Mediocrity - PART 3

For years I applied the principles being taught in my local church. To give tithes - offerings, to pray - fast, and to trust God. My spirituality thrived, but in the natural realm, I struggled with one failed venture after another. Stubborn mediocrity stared mockingly back at me in the mirror each morning on the heels of my best effort. I justified this cycle of defeat by yielding to an inferior a philosophy. The only success that matters was pursuit of the things of God. The truth is this wasn’t God’s plan for me and I knew it. Then, I heard a message preached, Ecclesiastes 9:16 – reads, wisdom is better than strength: nevertheless, the poor man’s wisdom is despised and is words are not heard or remembered. These words ignited a quest within me. A decision was made, I will not be a man whose words are neither heard nor remembered.


Before moving forward, I had two unspoken questions regarding the reality of the blessing of the Lord… this needed to be settled. Was it indeed for all who call upon the name of the Lord? Were some among us better than others? After a brief reflection on my spiritual walk with the God I’d come to know the swift conclusion was an emphatic no. Although, the introduction of these questions caused me to realize others may have the same questions. As man driven by an unseen driver, I searched for answers beyond the three-dimensional or surface understanding I found reading the scriptures. This lie must be destroyed with the light of truth.


While studying a scripture one evening, right before my eyes was an unveiling of a fourth dimension. The place where faith flourishes without measure. Ephesians 3:18 describes Christ’s love consisting of four distinct dimensions: 1) length, 2) width, 3) height, and 4) depth. Of these four, only depth cannot be measured using a physical instrument. Seeing this truth, I sought to uncover for myself the treasure resting within the depths of God’s word. What I found waiting changed my view of the creation surrounding me.

The lesson here is this: Gaining insight into whole truth, frees us to begin our journey. Shaping the extraordinary reality that Yeshua Hamashiach himself walked in. It’s at this point mediocrity no longer has the ability to hold us back.

More next time on the escape from mediocrity - until then...

Be All You Can Imagine

James Barnes