Proper Visualization

In ancient Babylon, the king, Nimrod, and his entire kingdom were worshipers of the sun god Baal. Here we have nobleman and commoner joined into an idolatrous rebellion against the God of their forefathers. What’s outstanding about this story is this singleness of purpose was spread throughout the adjoining cities and accepted without question. Although rife with evil intent, the idea took root with no resistance. Despite the wickedness of their cravings for god-like status, these people imagined the impossible and worked to bring life to what they’d envisioned. Visualization apart from the divine love of the creator can result in us embracing an inferior plan We should first connect and communicate with the resource center of the creator’s universe, seeking guidance for our plans, desires, wishes and wants. Once we have this guidance, we can then boldly visualize our objective knowing our motive is in line with God’s highest and best.

James Barnes