The Path to Purpose

 While I was updating my website tonight, I was impressed to start a new series of blogs which will revolve around personal development of our human potential. Which in simpler terms means, the study of principles and ideas to help us get out of the creators way. God’s omnipresent intelligence oversees a vast universe of resources. Unfortunately, some of us have been looking in the wrong direction. I will share how to locate your unique path to purpose. Also, how to access and attract its abundance and change your world. Did you know there are seven streams of revenue, and cash money is number seven on this list. We will share what they are here in our Path to Purpose blog.

My passion is teaching people how overcome the words, thoughts and feelings which have become habits. These habits result in a life controlled by our cravings not the desires of the heart. For example, how many time have you driven your car to work or to the store, then, suddenly you are aware you have driven several miles without even thinking about what you’re doing. Some call it muscle memory, this is when the body taking over for the mind because it knows the routine so well. How is that, because it’s become a habit. Our habits come from past experiences which develop after years of repeated execution. These mind sets can and do hinder growth and advancement. I believe we have the ability within us to be transformed… to create the new experiences to take us forward into a better quality of life. I know because I’ve lived it.


 How did I wind up here:

I grew up in Englewood, a fairly tough community within the city of Chicago, IL. I’d been drafted into a gang at the age of 14. Although I’d been blessed to escape and to begin an education at a prestigious university, I eventually threw it away. But why? That’s the same question asked by thousands everyday who have self-sabotaged their own promise. The answer was in front of me, but I couldn’t see it, blinded by the thought patterns of my past. No matter where I went, or what I did, my past life experiences were right there with me, thwarting any forward lasting progress. Wherever I went, there my past was pulling me back to the destructive habits I’d began forming in my childhood.

I began to study with a feverish intensity to understand the how and the why, of my transformation. Then I began to hear about a movement centered around the law of attraction, evolution of the human mind, and human potential. These three schools of thought tied neuroscience, quantum mechanics and spirituality together which explained my experience. It has been said knowledge without experience is a philosophy. And an experience without knowledge is ignorance, which is where I was. Thus, began for me a new era in human growth and the personal development of human potential.

 Emerging trends:

I’m excited about the ever-expanding acceptance of the principles of personal development being shared around the world. Free thinking humanity is breaking free of the shackles of social, political, and yes, religious bondage. There is a vast difference between religion and a personal relationship with the Creator.

  My aspirations:

To enjoy the life I create day by day… moment by moment. Then, sharing this ability with as many people as I can.

 My Biggest Success:

When I said NO to my past subconscious habits, rewired my subconscious mind and created a new version of myself. I learned to love myself enough to fight to be the best me possible, and I’m still reaching for more. I’m hoping you will join me in this journey on the Path to Purpose.


People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care…

Until Next Time… Be All You Can Imagine.


James Barnes