Intentional Focus - Part 4

Intentional Focus - Part 4

To achieve any goal requires - Intentional focus

Clarity of vision - Consistent action

J.H. Carpenter Barnes


Our previous blog posts have shown the magnitude and importance of our thought patterns and our words. How together they work to shape our physical reality and internal self-worth. We have also seen how we have an obligation, first to ourselves, to those we love, and to our fellow man. Imagine the world peace which would emerge were we all to embrace the omnipotent power associated with positive constructive thoughts.

The term used omnipotent is used because this is the greatest source of life changing energy in all the universe. Suffice to say it would be worth the effort learning to connect with consistent effectiveness to this power. Seriously, taking this step changes your world! It has been doing so for thousands of years for the enlightened members of humanity. We as God’s creation were born (through the human spirit, the conscious and the subconscious minds) to connect with God’s creative abilities in the most effectual ways.

Sadly, there are good people who think and speak negative destructive words, which are not in harmony with the fertile nature and power of the creative Spirit, who is God. Some with a scientific background call this harmony polarity. Which simply means to configure where a positive pole and a negative pole are connected to produce an electro-magnetic force. It’s the creation of this power circuit between the unified-consciousness of man and the ultimate creative force, the Holy Spirit. For those still squirming with this premise, let’s look at the model set before us by Yeshua (Jesus).

Here is a question, how many times in scripture do we read where Yeshua prayed in order to work a miracle of healing? Another question, how many times in scripture do we read that Yeshua prayed before he worked a miracle of deliverance (which breaking the power of an evil spirit)? There is yet one more question, how many times in scripture do we read that Yeshua prayed before he worked a miracle of provision or protection (feeding the 5,000, calming the sea in the midst of the violent wind storm)? If your answer was zero, you would be correct. Jesus never prayed a long prayer filled with hope rather than faith. He prayed, meditated and sought God in secret. His words had instant recognition with the creative power of Holy Spirit. According to his final instructions, so should our words. Yeshua was and still is the model we are to follow. You shall decree a thing and it shall be established (made firm) unto you, by your words you shall be justified (made free) and by your words you shall be condemned (imprisoned). If this is true, then by my words my fellow man can also be justified, and by my words my fellow man can also be condemned. Jesus set this example before us for a reason.  

We will continue next time with the Power of Focus...

Until then... Be All You Can Imagine





James Barnes