Intentional Focus - Part 2

Intentional Focus - Part 2


To achieve any goal requires - Intentional focus

Clarity of vision - Consistent action

J.H. Carpenter Barnes



In our last blog examined the power of intentional focus. By way of review, let’s take a brief look at what we shared.

We presented the process of combining our emotional energy or passion (originate within the sub-conscious mind), and our mental images (which are generated in the conscious mind). Bringing these two together within the center of our being will yield powerful results… spiritually, physically, and financially.

So we are clear on what is meant when the words heart or mind are used, I will explain the difference. The heart (blood pump) and your heart (the center or seat of our emotions) are entirely different. Have you ever had your feelings hurt and you instantly felt an uncomfortable sensation near the area of your physical heart? The same goes for being heart-broken, there’s a similar sensation. In truth, physical organ associated with the center of our emotions or the sub-conscious mind is called the Solar Plexus, and it’s near the (blood pump) heart. Its function is to radiate our sub-conscious communications to the Great Creative Spirit. The solar plexus functions in two ways. First it serves as the powerful complex nerve center, a system of radiating nerve cell bodies which distribute nerve fibers to vital organs throughout the body. It serves as the center energy channel (or chakra) for the entire body, this organ is the point of contact with the omnipotence of God’s creative power.

The physical organ associated with the conscious mind is the human brain. It enables the conscious mind to communicate with the external physical world by way of our five senses while also using cognitive processes such as logic and reasoning.

When we employ intentional focus, this generates a powerful magnetically charged creative energy around us. This energy comes from the region called the heart of man or in medical terms, the Solar Plexus. Here is how it works. The conscious mind, the gate keeper of our thoughts, feeds the sub-conscious mind of man with a steady flow of information. This knowledge is passed into the heart of man (the sub-conscious). It is these thoughts which determine the quality of the things which are drawn into our lives and what we think of ourselves. It is imperative we understand this principle and govern the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart. The sub-conscious mind cannot and will not differentiate between what’s good for us or bad for us. It will not attempt to discern what’s real from what’s imagined. This is the responsibility of the conscious mind to reason and understand. For this reason, intentional focus is vital, to eliminate conflicting thoughts. Why? Because internal conflicts will lead to double mindedness. This, in essence, is the human physiology associated with life and that more abundantly, which some call the law of attraction.

More next time on the Power of Focus...

Until then... Be All You Can Imagine


James Barnes