Escaping Mediocrity - PART 2

It is said true demonic possession is rare, unfortunately for me it wasn’t rare enough. Three days and nights, no food - no sleep, tormented by evil spirits who I later realized wanted me dead. Being led to Jesus by some of the God loving men at my church, also resulted in me delivered from demonic possession. God’s redemptive grace had issued a decree to set me free. Although the blood of Jesus had signed the writ of habeaus corpus (to release me a prisoner now being held wrongfully) these spirits wouldn’t let me go. The decree had to be enforced by believers in the earth using faith in the authority given through the name of Jesus Christ. My soul was set free Wednesday June 30th, 1982 at 1:20 in the afternoon. Unable to return to my demon infested apartment, I lived in a car that entire summer, reading God’s word, praying, fasting, seeking to know the Jesus who’d set me free.

As the months passed I grew rapidly in knowledge, wisdom and understanding, reading every book I could get my hands on. One Saturday, in October of 1982, I recall purchasing a DAKE’S Annotated Reference Bible, I read that bible non-stop from twelve noon until mid-night. A new world had been opened to me. I share this portion of my life to point out the importance of being balanced.


While blessed and anointed by God for his service, there was a sense I was missing part of what the word of God had to offer. I preached and taught God’s word, prayed for the sick, and led many souls to my magnificent Savior. Within me was a hunger for more, but I didn’t know what. Growing up poor, I recalled the four of us sleeping on two roll-away beds in the kitchen by the stove, during the long Chicago winters. How we used oil lamps for light and cooking meals on a hot plate when the utilities were cut-off. When I saw in the bible Jesus became poor so that he might make us rich, I believed and desired it because God cannot lie. But there was a problem, it wasn’t happening in my life, nor in the lives of many around me.

The lesson here is this: There is a balance God would have us to maintain with the spirit and the natural. God desires us to prosper marerially, as well as be in health - even as our souls prosper with his spiritual power.

More next time on the escape from mediocrity - until then...

Be All You Can Imagine

James Barnes