When the conscious mind embraces a thought with passionate desire; the subconscious mind also embraces it, stirring our creativity to make the idea a reality. In order for an idea to become a reality it must first be a sincere desire of the heart, good or bad does not matter, (like myself with writing goals). Our faith and ability to create only responds to passionate desires, not childish whims.


This information is nothing new. There are volumes written on the power of the power of the subconscious mind, the earliest going back to 1925 The Game of Life and How to Play it, written by Florence Scovel Shinn and. Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, published in 1937. Both are excellent resources and, there is a reason they have remained relevant for all these years. (Hint) I prefer to read the pioneers, because they have no one to imitate, the are the originals.

Driving home from work one evening, I hear these words clear and plain, why don’t you go and get a Porsche. Getting another automobile was not on my mind, definitely not a Porsche. That same evening, we went to the Porsche dealer near my home. It was near closing we made an appointment for a test drive on Saturday. After a short drive, I knew this is it! We couldn’t agree on terms, so I walked away.

About a week later I was urged to type these words into the notes section of my iPhone; I am getting a Porsche Cayenne white with tan leather interior. Crude, and not the proper way to record a goal, but I’d taken the step to write down a heart-felt desire, a goal. Little did I realize I was about to get a lesson on the power of putting your vision/desires/goals/objectives into writing. I experienced how this simple action triggers a synergy with God’s paths, patterns and principles, heaven’s mechanism for success, victory and prosperity.

Often, before a blessing comes a testing. The following morning, I awakened horribly ill with a temperature of 104-degrees. The emergency room doctors later diagnosed me with serious case of bi-lateral pneumonia. I was hospitalized, unable to work for a month and a half.

The lesson here is this: Every journey of change begins with that first step. It may seem small, awkward and crude, but once taken something inside you yearns for another… and another. The journey has now begun.

More next time as we continue with writing goals - until then...

Be All You Can Imagine


James Barnes