Escaping Mediocrity – PART 1

One evening at work a middle-aged co-worker looked at me, paused and unexpectedly said these words; “you will never be anything more than a man that’s working to take care of his family.” These words slammed into me, unexpected and harsh. Stunned and wounded, I hid injured feelings behind a sheepish grin followed up with an awkward laugh. This person was someone I’d trusted, respected and viewed as a friend. Someone who I thought believed in me, a mother figure at work. I was twenty-three years old headed for a hard patch of life, I believe she somehow caught a glimpse of what lay ahead for me.

In my third year of college I decided to leave my pre-med studies to play guitar in my younger brother’s band. Seeing me toss away an opportunity none of her 10 children would ever have, shattered the dream she and others were living through me. Far too many working (and unemployed) people find themselves in a fight to make-ends-meet. Locked into the cycle of just-over-broke, just as their parents were… just as my parents were. The opportunity I was throwing away would never be unavailable to most if not all of the good hardworking people employed the factory where she and I labored side by side.

By the age of twenty-five my life had been sucked into a vortex of behaviors which were consuming my soul, I was wandering without purpose-direction. The years came and went as a blur. I sank deeper and deeper into a hellish pleasure-seeking pit of deception designed to enslave but never satisfy.

At the age of twenty-seven, God’s grace said to redemption enough is enough… release him. With my mind free I was able to accept Jesus as my Lord and my Savior, who, after all my years of church going, I’d never knew. It was love at first sight. Free of the dark insanity that was my former life, I immersed myself into the things of God - seeking after Him with my entire being.

The lesson here is this: Opportunity isn’t enough, there must be a heart’s desire (passion); tied to a plan – a vision - a goal.

More next time on the escape from mediocrity - until then...

Be All You Can Imagine