As a new believer I was taught in order to have an extraordinary life you begin with tithes and offerings to your church. Along with this you must also pray, believe and live a good moral life according to the word of God. I followed these instructions and was doing better than before my salvation. Surely God’s ability was enough to move me into the realms of wealth and abundance. But my small thinking and limited understanding hindered my ability to dream big. As I took notes from renown speakers teaching on the Laws of Attraction. I saw they’d become spiritual influencers to thousands, a position previously dominated by Christian ministers. These teachers didn’t mention the God of the bible, often only pointing to the universe as our source.


One evening in my study brooding over this realization, I heard a still small voice. “You didn’t see what was right before you, so why are you upset.” I repented and made a decision to locate, understand and implement the paths, patterns and principles located within what I called the fourth dimension of God’s word (for more on this fourth dimension visit our blog on Escape from Mediocrity Part 5).


Re-education became my focus as I availed myself to other textbooks and writings using the Old and New Testaments as my point of reference. Quantum physics, the first non-bible source I researched, thank you (Dr. Cindy Trimm). Several men had taught how faith empowered thoughts and words could affect matter at the subatomic level. Then it happened, I saw the miracle of Jesus transforming water (H2O) into good wine (or grape juice -C14H1403) in a remarkable new light.


Water and wine consists of hydrogen and oxygen molecules, the addition of carbon atoms transformed the water into wine. Carbon, is the molecule common to all living things. In this moment I saw a scientific formula put into human terms what God does by a single word. Imagine the size of the equation for let there be light.


This fascinated me, I recognized this as possibly one of many scientific ties between the spirit world and science. What’s super interesting is this was the first miracle Jesus performed publicly. The first miracle accompanying the approach the kingdom of heaven, and man’s reconciliation to back to his Creator God.


Lesson here is this: the creative ability within each of us is driven by what we imagine, write, and speak. Writing our goals is vital to triggering God’s process to produce abundance. It took me a while but thank the Lord my eyes and ears are opened and my pen is ready.


More next time - until then,

Be All You Can Imagine.


James Barnes