One afternoon, following my release from the hospital, it came to me to glance at the crude goal I’d typed into Notes on my iPhone. When I did, an emotion began stirring inside me, odd but I recognized it from my childhood. This was the sensation I experienced as when something I’d been desiring and anticipating was about to happen. The example we can all relate to is Christmas morning, (before we learned there was no Santa Claus of course). That afternoon, this emotion was followed by a desire to watch YouTube videos of various models of the Porsche Cayenne, most of the day and evenings between wake and sleep. Still unable to drive, I’d watch Porsche Cayenne videos. My recovery progressed, and I regained strength, interest in this automobile increased into heart’s desire, the same as my first guitar.

The Saturday before my return to work, my desire manifested as a gorgeous Moonlight metallic blue Porsche Cayenne with a Luxor beige interior. I now understood the power of writing down what you hear, for it will become what you see. This is your vision, nurture it.

Remember, the rule is - if it is not in writing it does not exist. The early Hebrew culture honored the writing of God’s laws and traditions on physical stone and clay tablets, but also upon the tablets of the heart, speaking the words from generation to generation. Without the recorded word of God, Jesus couldn’t have said, it is written when tempted of Satan. There is tremendous power loaded into this phrase when spoken in faith. When we speak our written vision in faith it then becomes a decree of law in the spirit realm. We have been made to be kings and priest unto God in the earth (Revelation 1:6). As kings we have dominion, but only to the degree we exercise this authority.

The lesson here is this: Just because you don’t believe in something, doesn’t make it any less true. God taught me the way I needed to learn. Daily I thank God for his grace and mercy. When facing a lesson, look also for the blessing. It can come in many forms.

More next time as we continue on writing goals- until then,

Be All You Can Imagine.


James Barnes