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I am an American author born Dec. 3 in Chicago, IL. A writer of fiction based religious-themed supernatural thrillers. I have recently completed a non-fiction work entitled 'I Imagine'. It's contains the paths, patterns and principles for creating vision and achieving goals. Precepts I’ve used successfully in my personal and business life over the past 10 years.


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My Journey

Beginning my fourth year, I left college pursuing a musical career. This led to a dark path of drug use and its trappings, which had a price. At 27, I gave my life to Christ in June 1982.

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My Development

As a new believer, there was and still is an insatiable hunger for knowledge of God and His word. This hunger gave birth to a strong anointing of wisdom to serve the my fellow man. Next, was itinerant ministry to churches and social organizations around Chicago, and cities in the mid-west. My Monday nights were spent talking with young men mandated to drug rehab centers in the Chicago land area.

Born in the city of Chicago, I attended DePaul University where my major was biology and minor with a in Philosophy & Religion. Undergraduate educational studies were completed at LOGOS Bible College in Florida, I received my Doctorate at W.W.I. Bible School and Seminary in Indiana. The insights I have into inspiring others to reach beyond mediocrity come from over thirty-five years of study and personal experience.


What about the Supernatural Fiction Thrillers? 

When asked this question I always respond - I allow my faith, imagination and my understanding of scripture and biblical history to take God out of the box religion tries to put him into. He is the foundation of everything, natural and spiritual. We live each day surrounded by an unseen realm, which impacts our lives. Make no mistake, though invisible this world is very real. The books I've been inspired to write tend to travel onto the paths unseen, examining the keys to shifting into extraordinary life. Turns out, it’s exciting following the unexplored. You never know where you’re going to wind up... across town, into another dimension, or maybe a higher tax bracket.



The purpose of this site is two fold. One is to promote the joy and to share the benefits of reading. Books can open our minds to one thousand new worlds and cultures, places we possibly will never visit in person. And two, to share spiritual growth principles in our weekly blog posts. These are teachings gleaned from my soon to be released book, I Imagine. Here is a first look at the cover.

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